Excellence_Quote The current status of customer satisfaction is nothing short of “mass defection!” In this workshop, participants will learn about the service conditioning dynamic occurring with today’s customers. It’s a dynamic so powerful—and growing at such an alarming rate—that “service as usual” leaves your customers vulnerable to being “romanced away” by a competitor.

This workshop will help your entire organization learn valuable lessons about service excellence so that it becomes firmly embedded within your organizational culture.

Engaging Lessons from Hardwiring Service Excellence

  • Understand the interplay between service excellence and personal accountability
  • Examine your Emotional Memory Footprints™ – the key to lasting impressions
  • Develop and embed service standards
  • Deliver on the “WOW Meter”™
  • Link service outcomes to employee engagement levels
  • Learn “Heads-Up/Heads Down” service creators or impeders
  • Transcend satisfaction and move toward exceeding the norm
  • Understand what a service culture looks like
  • Break through service stereotypes

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