FSI Consultants August 2017

A local high school teacher starts her classes every year by introducing her classroom opportunities. She tells her students that they create the culture, not only of the class, but for the school as a whole. She then introduces the idea of personal accountability. The students are told that they are the driving force in their education. She imparts on them the idea that they should learn in their classes, not for the grade or for their parents, but for themselves. She assures them that they deserve History, Art, Math, and Music. They are worthy of Literature and Physical Education. They deserve to better their futures, and she believes that the path to get to that better future is paved with personal accountability.

The world of work is not so far removed from that same idea. The members of an organization are the ones who create the culture. When people understand that they have the opportunity to do well in the world of work because they deserve to love their job, amazing things can happen. Everyone wants to work in a place that is challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable. You have the power to transform your job through the power of personal accountability. Do the work that needs to be done, in the way that it needs to be done, because you deserve to better your future.

For more information contact Future-Sync about the Personal Accountability Revolution and the Rocky Mountain Center for Women in Leadership.