Gravitas is the ability or trait of a person to evoke dignified and respectful treatment from others. Professionals with gravitas are sought after in the business world because their ideas and opinions carry weight.



We are the premier CATALYST for
EXQUISITE leadership & professional RELEVANCY

Professional women in the Rocky Mountain Region are uniquely qualified to dialogue about and gain synergy around the following leadership topics:

  • Designing Leadership Influence
  • Developing Professional Gravitas
  • Engineering Rewarding Future Stories
  • Recognizing that Mature Mindsets Matter
  • Maximizing a Place at the Table

The Rocky Mountain Center for Women in Leadership

 RMC-WIL SIX (6)  Month “GROWTH Program” includes…

Stage 1: Incubation The “Study of You” Includes …

  • Full Suite GAP Analyses
  • Talents & Strengths Assessments
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Planned Strategic Contributions

Stage 2: SIX (6) Month “GROWTH Program” includes…

  • 3Q—IMPACT™ Curriculum
  • REAL World Learning
  • Case Studies
  • Tool Kits
  • Action Learning Assignments
  • Participants are matched with an Executive Mentor

Stage 3: Connection—“Continuous Learning Community”
Staying Plugged-In…

  • Continuous “Learning Drip” System
  • Alumni Learning Events
  • RMC Best Practices “Access Pass”


C.Q.—Contribution Quotient™

  1. Building Workplace Culture
  2. Designing Structure
  3. Deploying Decision Excellence
  4. Operationalizing Accountability
  5. Accumulating Business Acumen
  6. Deconstructing Your Eco-System
  7. Dealing with the Difficult

G.Q—Gravitas Quotient™:

  1. Developing Critical Thinking
  2. Growing Your Leadership Credibility
  3. Mastering Communication and Verbal Judo
  4. Evolving Your Emotional Intelligence
  5. Developing Your Personal Brand and Value Proposition

S.Q.—Significance Quotient™:

  1. Understanding Momentum Management
  2. Acquiring Meaningful Influence
  3. Designing, Measuring and Delivering Outcomes
  4. Leading with Strategic Intent
  5. Vision Casting and Evoking Passion
  6. Mastering Resiliency

Montana Women in Leadership (MT-WIL) is acting as a catalyst for additional community involvement, mentorships and leadership coaching for up-and-coming women leaders who believe in the power of synergy!



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