Woman Leader

Gravitas is the ability or trait of a person to evoke dignified and respectful treatment from others. Professionals with gravitas are sought after in the business world because their ideas and opinions carry weight.


Professional women in the Rocky Mountain Region are uniquely qualified to dialogue about and gain synergy around the following leadership topics:

  • Designing Leadership Influence
  • Developing Professional Gravitas
  • Engineering Rewarding Future Stories
  • Recognizing that Mature Mindsets Matter
  • Maximizing a Place at the Table

The Rocky Mountain Center for Women in Leadership (RMC-WiL) is kicking off with an opportunity for just such a dialogue!  Facilitated by Wendy Samson of FutureSYNC International, this three day seminar held on February 24th through the 26th 2016 in Helena Montana and will focus on issues specific to women in leadership and will act as a catalyst for additional community involvement, mentorships and leadership coaching for twenty, up-and-coming women leaders who believe in the power of synergy! The early registration deadline is January 8th 2016. There will also be a session held at a to be determined location May 11th through May 13th 2016.

If interested please send an e-mail to jake@future-sync.com or call us at 406-254-2326 for further details and to receive further information on how to reserve your spot.