Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 5.26.07 PMWendy Samson and Curt Swenson, October 2017
It started with a conversation between two professionals— an honest, life-on-life conversation.
Dr. Shaun Gillis and Dr. Melissa Wolf decided to be open with each other about the issue of burnout within the healthcare industry. The result of that conversation became a provocative, mind-filling book called “The Other Side of Burnout: Solutions for Healthcare Professionals”.
This book caught our attention at FSI because it is solution-oriented, and it will impact the work-life balance of professionals in almost any workplace. While an honest discourse is a welcome cathartic experience, “The Other Side of Burnout” takes the conversation to the next level by offering realistic solutions to move people out of the mire of career fatigue and on towards better tomorrows.
The authors also, however, acknowledge the complexity of the issue at hand. They do not attempt to offer up a silver bullet approach to ridding oneself of burnout. Instead, they allow readers to take a more individualized journey through the text by focusing on chapters or ideas that speak to the reader’s experience.
Burnout, obviously, is not unique to the realm of healthcare. It grows wherever there are symptoms like “emotional and physical exhaustion, depersonalization and cynicism, and a diminished sense of personal accomplishment” (Wolf and Gillis 1). While the details, anecdotes, and examples pertain to the world of physicians, the ideas about burnout and the subsequent solutions offered can be applicable in any professional setting.
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