mmaLogoWendy Samson, President and Founder of FutureSYNC International, was selected by the Montana Medical Association to create leadership training for Montana physicians that addresses healthcare changes in Montana. An advisory council of physicians was formed to help build the curriculum to ensure relevancy to Montana physicians.

The program consists of eight modules that focus on developing core leadership skills in a powerful and personal way. The sessions are designed to engage and unite participants. Physicians learn practical and action-oriented skills to effectively lead in their practice or healthcare organization and expand that leadership into the community as well.

Physician Leadership Topics

Strategic Thinking — Calibrate strategic thinking based on your mission, vision, and values.

Relationship Management — Engineer trust through a sequence of intentional interactions and utilize engagement strategies to retain quality healthcare workers.

Emotional Intelligence — Examine the physiological factors that drive engagement and diagnose the various “levels of engagement.”

The Influence of Outcomes — Explore the unconscious and conscious aspects of persuasion and utilize multi-tiered levels of listening in order to gain endorsement.

Team Engagement Strategies — Diagnose the various “levels of engagement” and foster teamwork through strong interpersonal skills.

Effective Transition and Change Management — Examine strategic agility and its critical role in today’s healthcare organization and link change management to mission, vision, and values.

Advanced Critical Thinking Skills – The Leadership Perspective — Discover why critical thinking skills are essential to effective physician leadership and learn to apply those skills to mindfully manage key relationships.

Personal Accountability and Generations Working Together — Leverage generational work habits, priorities, life goals, and attitudes, and apply generational strategies and expectations to recruit and retain healthcare professionals who are accountable to the organization.