Physician_LeadersWhile FutureSYNC International works with organizations of all types, 60% of our overall business comes from working with healthcare providers. Because of our immersion into this industry, we have a keen understanding of the challenges facing today’s medical professionals, and in particular, physicians.

By the nature of the practice of medicine, physicians are leaders. Doctors direct care in the ER, in the operating room, and in the medical office. However, physicians must begin to embrace roles where they direct activities in a boardroom and in their community as well. Current medical education falls short in formal training when it comes to training physicians for leadership skills.

In 2013 FutureSYNC partnered with the Montana Medical Association to create the first Physician Leadership Effectiveness Program. With the goal of engaging and uniting participants, the program develops and enhances leadership skills of physicians by preparing them to fill emerging leadership roles and influence healthcare policy. Physicians walk-away from the program with practical and action-oriented leadership skills to effectively lead in their practice or healthcare organization, as well as within their overall communities.

Physicians also have the following training programs available to them from FutureSYNC:

Physician Effectiveness Coaching

Emotional Intelligence

Courageous Conversations

For more information about Physician Leadership, contact FutureSYNC.