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December 2017
All too often today’s workplace offers us an assault on the fundamentals of trust and our overall sense of peace and well-being. Therefore, this particular message is an intentional call for leaders to step-up, step-in, and make a difference in the real ways that significantly change our workplace experience.  In FutureSYNC language, this is all about the art of ensuring that people “STAND TALL” in your presence. Leaders that understand this key tenant have their minds set apart from the norm, and are applauded for your demonstrations of character over tactics.  At FutureSYNC, we fondly refer to these rarified leaders as the “Exquisite Wonders”.
Here are a few things we know about these “Exquisite Wonders”:
1. They don’t haphazardly “hope” for peace and well-being to exist; they hold this as their mission, cause, and intent.
2. They don’t wait for successful relationships to organically construct themselves; they do the work to make them happen.  Life has taught them that sitting and wishing will never get the job done. 
3. They explicitly follow a well-crafted, belief-inspired plan.  They are committed to habitually following that plan until the peace and well-being of others are finally captured. 
4. They operate with authenticity and are fueled by vulnerability.  They demonstrate the notable patterns of behaviors that: 
   – ask for forgiveness more that recognition
   – admit quickly and forthrightly when they are wrong
   – see the needs, fears, and hopes of the people around
5. They seek to edify others.  This becomes an actual engineering and building process by which the self-esteem, self-worth, and self-concept of others are strengthened with intent.
6. They lay down the self-indulgent weapons of leadership:  
   – Suspicions are overcome by curiosity.                                                           
   – “One-upmanship” is overcome by setting others up for
      success with intent.        
   – Power distance is overcome by seeking to understand.                                  
   – Winning is overcome by creating significance. 
Join us in 2018 at our “Executive Intelligence” or “A Walk in the Tree Tops … Women in Leadership” Conference to learn more about these “Exquisite Wonders”.  Happy Holidays to you ALL!