Be the Gratitude You Wish to See in the World
FutureSYNC Consultants — December 2017
The John Templeton Foundation put out an interesting survey in 2013. They were looking for feedback on the subject of gratitude. Here are some of their findings:

– People ranked their workplace as the least likely place that they convey or are recipients of gratitude. This is interesting due to the fact that the respondents expressed that gratitude is something both valuable and desirable.
– Three quarters of them said they “never or rarely express gratitude to their boss.”
– 70% of them said that their confidence would rise if their bosses were more grateful to them.
– Only half of the respondents reported that they express gratitude regularly.

It is no secret that authentic gratitude is not only contagious, but it is reciprocal. Giving someone a paycheck for “just doing thier job” is not authentic gratitude; it is an economic exchange. Gratitude, on the other hand, is an emotional exchange. Extending and exuding a genuine sense of gratefulness in the workplace is more about acknowledging the choices others make, not just their output. It is saying, “I acknowledge that you are complex and are more than just what you produce.” The results of gratitude are almost always positive. The only way for there to be more gratitude in the world is for all of us to be more grateful.