Maturity and Character: A Study of Lenette Kosovich (Wendy Samson and Curt Swenson, 2017)

As The Rocky Mountain Center for Women in Leadership (RMC-WIL) begins accepting applications for the January 2018 3-Q IMPACT Leadership Development Program, we have been examining exquisite female leaders who are committed to growing future leaders.  We invite you to examine the following MATURITY PROFILE  of female leader who has massive influence, demonstrates abundance thinking, and is a Montana Thought-Leader—Lenette Kosovich, CEO, Rimrock Foundation …

  1. Mature leaders exhibit the willingness to accept constructive criticism. They have “thick skin” and are not easily “offendable”. Their stable nature and internal locus of control, help them to see interactions in a more objective light and are generally conciliatory in nature.
  2. Mature leaders access what is called the “Growth Mindset” rather than a “Fixed Mindset” (Dweck, 2014). You will not hear them say definitive statements like, “I just tell it like it is” or “That’s just the way I am and they will have to deal with it.”
  3. Mature leaders simply do not have the time to complain. They are too busy operating in solution mode and in getting their goals and objectives met.
  4. Mature leaders are quick to laugh and see the humor in things, but avoid making jokes or snide remarks at the expense of others.
  5. Mature leaders communicate inclusively, not exclusively with as many co-workers allowed into the process as possible. An open and “give the benefit of the doubt” communicator is the hallmark of a mature and engaged person, able to build trust with others.
  6. Mature leaders are reasonable and can see both sides of a scenario, even if it doesn’t directly benefit them. They can reason through a decision made by someone else by asking first, “Does this positively affect our business?” and not, “How is this affecting me and my personal needs?”

Join us for the 3—Q IMPACT Leadership Development Program, taking place January-May 2018.  The application process begins August 1, 2017.  For more information contact or call our office at (406) 254-2326.  This is a continuous learning community where “Iron sharpens Iron” !