Executive Intelligence: Advanced Critical Thinking

FutureSYNC International specializes in assisting your senior-level leaders identify and achieve far more meaningful results in their lives and careers.

The fundamental principles of the Executive Intelligence experience lay the foundation for embedding new mindsets and behaviors that allow for influence, credibility, and personal endorsement to manifest at the highest levels.

During this process you will learn very specific methods that will allow you to recognize how to disrupt your default patterns…the patterns that derail interactions and inhibit the cultivation of enduring partnerships. The result for the disciplined leader will be a quantum leap in your intentional Executive Intelligence.

Executive Intelligence  Content

  • Foster productive interactions that allow you to move things toward your desired outcomes
  • Strengthen your results orientation through critical thinking skills
  • Grasp the center of emotional fortitude that generates and sustains real partnerships
  • Uncover your unconscious self-preservation patterns that implode clarity of thought and action
  • Learn solid mental management disciplines for maneuvering through tensions, annoyances and upsets
  • Learn how to have robust conversations that move self and others through workplace dilemmas

The end game is that you will have created your own learning community through relationships built during the EI process.

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