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The CREDIBILITY Calculation

Grounded in Neural Science


The quality of being trusted and believed in by fellow professionals, resulting in opportunities to practice meaningful influence. Credible professionals are:


• Persistent in pursuing excellence 

• Relentless in conveying responsiveness

• Uncompromising in exhibiting accountability

“Every action or perceived inaction shapes credibility.”
Mindy Hall, Leading with Intention: Every Moment Is a Choice

What are you committed to? Do you have a way to calculate your credibility? Credibility does not occur overnight but can be learned and deepened with practice.

Credibility rises and falls during those times when things are NOT going well. How well do you manage stress and conflict? Do others see your emotional leaks?

Learn how to:

Engineer your professional image potential
Act as an enlightened witness in your workplace
Understand and combat emotional leakage
Open new doors through your personal accountability brand
Develop your foundation for a soulfully inspired life

“When you break the promises, you lose the credibility. When you lose the credibility, you lose the trust. So keep your promises, because trust is the foundation of a soulfully inspired life.”
Vishwas Chavan

This 1 & 1/2 Day event is held at various locations around the Rocky Mountain Region.

The next Executive Intelligence 2.0 is currently scheduled in Billings, Montana May 19th and 20th. Early registration deadline is April 10th!!!!

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This course is a follow up to Executive Intelligence, which covers advanced critical thinking skills. 

Class size is limited.