Courageous_Conversations Within all organizations there is a powerful group of people that create the “real culture.” These people are known as the “Key Influencers.”

Key Influencers operate both mindlessly and purposefully and do so with or without title. They create the underlying belief system that dramatically influences productivity, often paralyzing the people who are attempting to navigate growth and change.

The Courageous Conversations program shares how to navigate difficult and delicate situations, one conversation at a time.

Engaging Lessons within the Courageous Conversations Module

  • Framing discussions as dilemmas vs. finger pointing
  • Getting the “undiscussables” on the table
  • Creating a “pool of shared understanding”
  • Knowing when to “lead out” and when to step out of the way
  • Unearthing “hold-outs” and seeking constructive feedback
  • Knowing how to enroll Key Influencers into “positive possibilities” instead of destructive past-based perspectives
  • Understanding how to “unlock” the story-building process
  • Creating high-levels of personal accountability

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