DiSC 2: Seeking First to Understand in the Workplace (Wendy Samson, Curt Swenson, 2017)

“We tend to judge others by their worst behaviors, yet ourselves by our best intentions.” ….Wendy Samson, CEO – FutureSYNC International.

Wendy Samson and Curt Swenson often start the DiSC 2 Seminar: Getting Results with Others During Conflict, by making this important statement. It is so true, isn’t it? In fact, we are often even guilty of creating entire narratives about others, how they feel about us, how poorly they are behaving, how rotten their motives and intentions are, etc. –  from only a couple of interactions. These misunderstandings and misperceptions are more often than not, related to differences in personality styles and conflict responses.

The following are a few, common conflict responses according to the personality styles…

  1. The (D)ominant Personality – Enters into conflict using a TAKE CHARGE mode, expects BULLET POINTS not long explanations, insists on a MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY solutions and will IMPATIENTLY WALK AWAY from the situation if there is no resolution.
  2. The (i)nfluential Personality – Enters into conflict in a DEFENSIVE/DRAMATIC mode. They will at first try to SMOOTH THINGS OVER and then have to PROCESS VERBALLY, (sometimes at great length) to work through it. To gain resolution, they will ACTIVELY SEEK FACTS.
  3. The (C)onscientious Personality – Initially WITHDRAWS INTO ANALYTICS during conflict using a “CONTROL THE INFORMATION” mode. They use CONDESCENDING LANGUAGE to make their point and when there is no resolution, AGREE TO DISAGREE.
  4. The (S)teady Personality – Initially AVOIDS OR ACQUIESCES to others during conflict but exhibit “OUT OF NOWHERE” OUTBURSTS as their frustration builds. They SHUT DOWN or become WALLED OFF if the conflict continues and will LEAVE THE RELATIONSHIP if there is no resolution.

Knowing, investigating and applying these conflict responses and modes of operation as a team, can at the very least smooth over a misunderstanding and at the very most, save a work life or work relationship. So ask yourself: 1) Can your organizational team do a better job in seeking to understand one another? 2) Are personality styles and conflict responses causing damage to your company’s cohesiveness and productivity? 3) Do you believe in investing in a collaborative and inclusive work culture? If so, contact FutureSYNC International at (406) 254-2326 or email to info@future-sync.com to schedule your DiSC Seminar today!