FutureSYNC Consultants – January 2018

In order to have a long-term change in behavior, there must be a change in mindset.

To truly change your “What”, you must first change your “Why”.

People in leadership roles in their organization know that the hardest part of their job is managing other people. Rarely is the most difficult part of an executive’s day the actual business of business; it is the people. They gain success by shaping those around them to operate in a more efficient way. They are only as successful as those they lead.

So, the root of positive change for a leader is to learn to interact better with the people being led. Leaders want to be influential and credible to create the thing that they want the most: buyin. Rarely is a leader’s future freed up due to technical deficits. They find themselves in that situation when they fail to build enough effective relationships in order to lead people through change.

FutureSYNC’s Executive Intelligence is tailor-made for the leader who wants to learn to disengage from practices that work against their credibility and influence and begin to engineer meaningful changes in their mindset. The course delves into the practical “What” to do and more importantly, the elusive “Why”. Participants will gain new insights into effective workplace practices that will allow them to create positive change.

Executive Intelligence also results in an invaluable connection to other leaders. The learning community made up of Executive Intelligence alumni evolves with the leaders and their struggles.

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