FutureSYNC International, one of the most successful Organizational Development and Executive Coaching businesses in the Pacific Northwest, was founded over 20 years ago. Wendy Samson, President and Founder, and the FutureSYNC team believe that high performing teams don’t just happen. It takes strong leadership, clear goals and responsibilities, and trust and good communication skills among team members to be excellent.

FutureSYNC International will customize training based on what your team needs today to be successful. Every team has a unique set of needs, so the development approach should be unique and tailored as well.

We believe in the untapped and underestimated potential inherent in most human beings. The work of FutureSYNC International focuses on ensuring that this potential is recognized, grown, focused, and unleashed as the single most important asset in your organization.

We provide training that is practical, relevant to your team’s most pressing issues, and interactive so that members of your team discuss, practice, and get feedback throughout a program. To ensure reinforcement of the skills and concepts taught, we often include some pre-work prior to our session together, as well as follow-up “thought work” reinforcement.

In addition, people are sometimes promoted to leadership positions because of their knowledge or technical competencies, while lacking the people skills necessary to truly be successful. We help leaders gain greater insight into their emotional intelligence skills so they can adjust their approaches, strengthen their communication skills, and build trusting relationships.

Executive one-on-one coaching will help bring about an increased level of learning and enhance relationships where people begin to stand tall in your presence. In turn, this results in increased leadership effectiveness and personal and organizational improvements. Executive development is a critical aspect of all organizations, yet one that is often overlooked.

From healthcare to manufacturing, government agencies to sales teams, FutureSYNC International remains on the leading edge of cultural transformation for all types of organizations. Working with organizations as small as sole proprietorships — to international firms with hundreds of employees — we’re proud to play a role in changing the beliefs, character, and norms of workplace conditions and behaviors to help every organization become the very best it can be.

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